Wild Gift Fellows Directory

Rakhi Agrawal's picture
Rakhi Agrawal (2020)
Founder of Geared Up Collective
Bryce Andrews's picture
Bryce Andrews (2016)
Writer and Conservationist
Joshua Arnold's picture
Joshua Arnold (2010)
Executive Director at Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.).
Ashley Bae's picture
Ashley Bae (2020)
Founder of Verdant Seas
Alexander Bailey's picture
Alexander Bailey (2019)
Founder/Executive Director
Sashti Balasundaram's picture
Sashti Balasundaram (2018)
Founder, WeRadiate
Nishchal Banskota's picture
Nishchal Banskota (2021)
Founder of Nepal Tea, Inc.
Rachel Barge's picture
Rachel Barge (2008)
Director of Marketing at Yerdle
Anderson Barkow's picture
Anderson Barkow (2019)
Co-Founder/VP Finance @ BoxPower Inc.
Lauren Baumann's picture
Lauren Baumann (2006)
Vice President at New Ecology
Jessica Bell's picture
Jessica Bell (2006)
Campaigner, lecturer, and trainer
Sarah Bellos's picture
Sarah Bellos (2010)
Founder of Southern Hues
Erica Bertucci's picture
Erica Bertucci (2009)
Spencer Brendel's picture
Spencer Brendel (2011)
Founder of PlayHard GiveBack
Brendan Buzzard's picture
Brendan Buzzard (2010)
Writer and Conservationist
Nicole Chatterson's picture
Nicole Chatterson (2019)
Co-Founder and Director of Zero Waste Oʻahu
Tony Cisneros's picture
Tony Cisneros (2021)
Founder of Mesa Foods
Diamonique Clark's picture
Diamonique Clark (2018)
Founder, Black by Nature
Ellie Costello's picture
Ellie Costello (2021)
Founder of Black Bear Soups
Lisa Curtis's picture
Lisa Curtis (2012)
Founder, Kuli Kuli
Ross Davison's picture
Ross Davison (2020)
Co-Founder and CEO, Comon Solutions
Tsechu Dolma's picture
Tsechu Dolma (2016)
Founder of Mountain Resiliency Project
Iain Duncan's picture
Iain Duncan (2007)
Ecuador Country Director at Free The Children
Jon Duval's picture
Jon Duval (2014)
Founder, Local Vote & Executive Director, Ketchum Community Development Corporation
Sarah Eminhizer's picture
Sarah Eminhizer (2003)
UC Santa Cruz, Coastal Science and Policy Graduate Program Administrator and Advisor
Alba Estrada López's picture
Alba Estrada López (2021)
Founder of La Naturaleza Está Aquí (NEA)
Justin Falcone (2018)
Laura Fieselman's picture
Laura Fieselman (2018)
Chief Operating Officer, Good Bowls
Alyssa Fleishman's picture
Alyssa Fleishman (2021)
Founder of Rising Tide
Amy Freeman's picture
Amy Freeman (2009)
Educational Explorer
Seth Friedman's picture
Seth Friedman (2004)
Practicum Coordinator at University of British Columbia (UBC Farm)
Aimee Gaines's picture
Aimee Gaines (2004)
Agent for Sustainable Community Development
Kelly Gallo's picture
Kelly Gallo (2006)
Environmental Education Specialist at Soldier Hollow Charter School
Joshua Marcus Greenberg's picture
Joshua Marcus Greenberg (2008)
folk musician/ music licensing research
Arun Gupta's picture
Arun Gupta (2016)
Justin Hellier's picture
Justin Hellier (2008)
Program Manager at EarthCorps
Cody Hopkins's picture
Cody Hopkins (2007)
Owner of Falling Sky Farm
Chris Howell's picture
Chris Howell (2009)
Owner of Vermont Farm Tours
Andrew Hyde's picture
Andrew Hyde (2003)
Minimalism, Startup Enthusiast
Pete Land's picture
Pete Land (2003)
Co-Founder of Tamarack Media Cooperative
Hugo Lara's picture
Hugo Lara (2010)
Chief of Chicha, SAMI Beverage Company
Brooke Laura's picture
Brooke Laura (2011)
Director of Saprinu
Michael Long's picture
Michael Long (2014)
Founder & Executive Director, SailFuture
Heather Lukacs's picture
Heather Lukacs (2003)
Project Director, Water Justice Non-Profit Organization
Jaxson Mack's picture
Jaxson Mack (2020)
Urban Forester, Casey Trees
Gina Magnello (née Olszowski)'s picture
Gina Magnello (née Olszowski) (2006)
Amanda Marino's picture
Amanda Marino (2008)
Veterinarian Associate in Avian Medicine and Surgery
Aaron Nesser's picture
Aaron Nesser (2019)
CEO & Co-Founder @ AlgiKnit
George Njoroge's picture
George Njoroge (2008)
Enviromental practitioner and reseacher
Emily Owen's picture
Emily Owen (2006)
Conservation Manager at Pew Environment Group
Margiana Petersen-Rockney's picture
Margiana Petersen-Rockney (2011)
Harvard Food Literacy Project Coordinator
Tinia Pina's picture
Tinia Pina (2014)
Founder & CEO, Re-Nuble
Leo Pollock's picture
Leo Pollock (2014)
Co-founder, The Compost Plant; Network Coordinator, Rhode Island Food Policy Council
Aneri Pradhan's picture
Aneri Pradhan (2018)
Founder and Executive Director, ENVenture
Viraj Puri's picture
Viraj Puri (2004)
Co-Founder and CEO at Gotham Greens
James Richards's picture
James Richards (2012)
Founder, Sunbank Solar & Solar Dividend
Jenna Ringelheim's picture
Jenna Ringelheim (2003)
Deputy Director, Environmental Leadership Program
Alli Rogers's picture
Alli Rogers (2007)
Director of Policy, Rhode Island Department of Administration
Kirk Rose's picture
Kirk Rose (2009)
Community Development Manager at Anchorage Community Land Trust
Brian Salazar's picture
Brian Salazar (2007)
President of Entegra Development & Investment LLC
Monica Samec's picture
Monica Samec (2007)
Managing Director at Small World Carbon
Drew Sanderford's picture
Drew Sanderford (2004)
Assitant Professor of Real Estate and Planning
Jack Schleifer's picture
Jack Schleifer (2020)
Founder of AllAccess
Marty Schnure's picture
Marty Schnure (2012)
Founder of Maps for Good & Cartographic Designer at The Wilderness Society
Micah Sewell's picture
Micah Sewell (2011)
Marketing Coordinator at Ecology Project International
David Sone's picture
David Sone (2009)
Environmental Justice Advocate
Sam Teicher's picture
Sam Teicher (2016)
Co-Founder, Coral Vita
Ki'Amber Thompson's picture
Ki'Amber Thompson (2019)
Founder of Charles Roundtree Bloom Project
Raj Vable's picture
Raj Vable (2012)
Co-Founder, Young Mountain Tea
Alexander Wankel's picture
Alexander Wankel (2016)
Founder of Pachakuti Foods
Jan Wellik's picture
Jan Wellik (2004)
Associate Lecturer at UW-La Crosse