Entergra (Wild Gift Fellow Brian Salazar '08) Now Hiring Green Building Specialist


Entegra Development & Investment, LLC is looking for a motivated, experienced, and entrepreneurial individual to head its new Building Commissioning practice.  Specifically tailored to LEED projects in the Boston area, this is an opportunity to “forge a new path” with a young and growing company.  Compensation commensurate with experience and/or potential partnership or involvement in company ownership.   The position would be “home based” for the time being with an anticipated office location in Boston or an immediate northern suburb.  We have lives and families too, and are very flexible and understanding to personal needs!  
Prior building commissioning experience related to HVAC, plumbing, lighting and lighting controls systems, and photovoltaic installations are required.  PE or other professional designation encouraged.  Familiarity with LEED and/or accreditation required.
If interested, please contact Brian Salazar (Wild Gift 08), President, [email protected]re.com or call 617-605-1922


Entegra Development & Investment, LLC was formed in 2007 as a real estate development and services company dedicated to minimizing environmental impacts as a result of development and construction activities.  The growth of the green building market has provided new opportunities to infuse best practices in the design and construction of new projects: lowering construction waste and energy usage, improving indoor environments, and reducing impacts to the natural environment. 
Entegra works with its clients to find the most appropriate path that will ensure successful project completion and potentially improve overall project value by employing a responsible and environmentally conscious approach.  Entegra is a member organization of the USGBC, and employs LEED Accredited Professionals, having been trained to analyze and evaluate the most cost-effective approach to green building for their clients.


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