For Immediate Release: Wild Gift Sponsors "15 Days of Kindness"




Students Take Kindness To A Whole New Level

Community School Students In Competition To Inspire Kindness in Sun Valley



WHO:              Wild Gift, A local non-profit developing high potential social impact leaders.

                        Brian William , Founder of Think Kindness

                        Chauncy Pogue, Community School Student Council Advisor


WHAT:            Community School is taking part in a national campaign called, ’15 Days of Kindness’. Schools from across the country are in competition to see who can perform, document and inspire the most random acts of Kindness within their community. The entire student body will be able to track their ‘ripple of Kindness’ through a unique and innovative Kindness Card. Each card comes with a code, that when entered online will display each act of the card has done, where in the world it has traveled, and will also allow students to login to check on the ripple of Kindness they’ve inspired.


The program will launch with motivational speech by Think Kindness founder, Brian Williams on Monday Nov. 5th at 9:35 AM


                             WHEN:            Monday November 5th. Time: 9:35 AM.

WHERE:          Community School gymnasium.  

WHY:               The goal of the ’15 Days of Kindness’ program is to inspire students to incorporate giving and Kindness into their everyday lives and future careers. As well as instill the notion that one simple act of Kindness, truly can make a difference in the world. Over 65,000 students across the United States have taken the ’15 Days of Kindness’ challenge and each year the organization recognizes the ‘Kindness School In The Country”.  

Wild Gift, a local non-profit has sponsored this event and will be hosting the Think Kindness Crew while in the Sun Valley area.  Wild Gift provides a mentorship program for young social impact leaders with high potential for creating innovative solutions for today’s global challenges. Each year, Wild Gift selects 5 young leaders throughout the country that begin their Wild Gift experience with a deep wilderness trek before embarking on a 12-month better world project. They are given $10,000 in grant money to implement their inspiring idea.

For more information on The Kindness Movement, contact Wild Gift at 208-471-5091.

NOTE:  Media will have the opportunity to interview Brian Williams, Chauncy Pogue, and students at the end of the assembly.


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