Raj Vable and Young Mountain Tea Launch Kickstarter In Partnership with Himalayan Non-Profit

Wild Gift-Supported Venture Works With Himalayan Farmers to Grow New Indian Tea

Young Mountain Tea, a tea company with a social mission, seeks $24,000 through crowdfunding to build a sustainable Indian tea region.

EUGENE, Oregon, Feb 17, 2015 – Young Mountain Tea, based in Eugene, Oregon, is partnering with farmers in the Indian Himalayas to grow the first tea that will lay the foundation for a new tea region. The partnership is turning to Kickstarter, the popular online crowdfunding platform, to raise the funds to create this tea.

The 30-day, $24,000 fundraising campaign starts today.

The project was inspired by Young Mountain Tea Founder Raj Vable’s experience working in the remote Kumaon region in the foothills of the Himalayas. As a graduate student at the University of Oregon, he started working with a Himalayan non-profit named Avani that creates rural livelihoods.

In 2013, he returned to the region on a Fulbright Fellowship and struck a deal with Avani – if they would grow tea, he would buy it. Later that year he returned to the United States, teamed up with friends also involved in social entrepreneurship and formed Young Mountain Tea.

We named our company after the rising Himalayas, a mountain range that is still going up as the Indian subcontinent slams into Asia,” Vable noted. 

After planting their first acre of tea saplings last year, this project will raise the funds to harvest, process and deliver the first tea. They are processing it as a white tea called white peony, traditionally known as Bai Mudan.

Backers of the projects will:

·       Be the first to drink a new white tea hand made in small batches, using traditional techniques and the highest quality leaves.

·       Create dignified rural livelihoods for remote mountain communities in the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas.

·       Increase the resilience of mountain ecosystems by supporting organic permaculture that intercrops tea with other mountainous crops to restore biodiversity, strengthen native soils, and prevent landslides.


Backer rewards range from a $15 pouch of this new tea to a $2,500 authentic Indian Tea Pilgrimage, including spending time in the new tea region with Vable and the team.

Learn more by visiting the project at http://kck.st/17egcFt



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