WG Leader Gina Olszowski's thesis honored at Chatham University

Gina Olszowski just received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Chatham University, where she was a Rachel Carson Fellow.  Her thesis was selected as the best in her genre.  
She writes: “I just started a new full-time job as an artist at a little company out here that makes home and garden gifts… designing products and working with paintings by licensed artists.  It's nice to get back to having a paycheck and a little structure that requires me to get dressed in real clothes in the morning… haha, though I never thought I'd hear myself say so.  I'm also planning on buffing up my thesis and trying to get some pieces of it published. Fingers crossed!”
Gina's Wild Gift project —” Now Coming to a Town Near You” — took a critical look at urban sprawl and the many problems it brings to a community.  Mer mission was to inspire a change of heart and inspire readers to defend and preserve the unique character, quality of community, and purity of wildness in the places they called home.  She sold over 600 copies of her book, which is now on its second printing.   Since publication, she has been invited to speak at dozens of events ranging from green expos to college classrooms.  A portion of the book’s proceeds benefitted The Conservation Foundation, a local nonprofit devoted to protecting farmland and open space that would otherwise be lost to development.
Wild Gift Leader Gina Olszowski