Wild Gift Fellow Kirk Rose's Organization Awarded "Most Innovative Community Development Project"

ANCHORAGE, AK, May 10, 2013–Anchorage Community Land Trust officials announced today that it was the recipient of the NDC Academy 2013 Award in the Community Development category.  The Land Trust is a leading partner in the strategy to revitalize Mountain View, a low-income community in Northeast Anchorage.  Acting as a catalyst for private sector investment and community betterment, the Land Trust builds capacity in the community to address quality of life issues.  The Land Trust also acquires and develops real estate along the business corridor, providing rental space for area businesses, non-profits, and artists, and provides land-holding for community benefit and investment opportunities.  As a property owner and manager on Mountain View Drive, the community’s main commercial thoroughfare, the Land Trust leverages public and private resources, such as state, Federal and foundation grants, New Market Tax Credits, and HUD 108 and bridge loans to acquire and develop properties that are strategic to redevelopment efforts.

Mountain View was one of Anchorage’s first neighborhoods.  Early homesteaders and pioneers came to Alaska to settle in the last frontier and build families, homes and businesses.  Housing and zoning changes in the 1980s and 1990s shifted historic Mountain View from a single family housing neighborhood to an area filled with higher density multi-family rental properties, leading to  increased crime, school decline and business abandonment.  This project is focused on reversing urban blight, attracting new businesses and much-needed jobs, reducing crime and stabilizing the historic community while also working with partners like Cook Inlet Housing Authority and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to establish an array of housing options.

For more information, contact Kirk Rose, Community Development Manager, Anchorage Community Land Trust, 161 Klevin, Suite 204, Anchorage, AK 99508.

Kirk Rose Community Development Award
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