Aimee Gaines

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Basic Info
Wild Gift Class Year: 
Better World Expertise: 
Affordable/Green Housing
Community Engagement/Activism
Conservation & Stewardship
Sustainable Food & Agriculture
Current Occupation: 
Agent for Sustainable Community Development
The Wild Gift instilled in me a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature, particularly regarding the terms "wildness" vs "wilderness". This experience opened my mind to the infinite approaches to sustainability and sent me empowered and confident on my own path toward it. Both the mission of Wild Gift and the people behind it continue to make a strong impression on me and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to take part.

As a former Peace Corps volunteer in Haiti (2001-2003), I returned to Haiti to reconnect and help out with the continuing earthquake relief efforts.  I have found my niche as a permaculture instructor and currently co-facilitating a movement to transform Cite Soleil, from one of the poorest & most dangerous slums in the western hemisphere to the cleanest, greenest place in urban Haiti.
I live in Cite Soleil, working closely with community leaders as both an advisor and project facilitator.  This movement, called Konbit Soley Leve (Rising Sun Collective), is strictly voluntary and the leaders pride themselves on working within the limits of their own resources.  What started as just an idea in one community now consists of more than twenty active communities and is spreading rapidly throughout Cite Soleil.  

I'm currently involved as a coordinator for an exciting project with Future Generations to map community successes in Haiti.  We have a team of 8 skilled mappers roving both the countryside and inner-city areas, holding Focus Groups and documenting strengths and successes initiated by Haitian nationals.  We will promote these successes via an online platform featuring an interactive map, as well as multimedia publications.  The goal is to change the image of Haiti, from both a local and international perspective, from an impoverished country in need to a resilient, capable nation worthy of global respect.  

I am currently being supported by Future Generations (