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Impacts of My Work: 
We conducted 38 school visits last year reaching approximately 12,700 students.
We estimate that approximately 2,200 teachers are registered and using the Wilderness Classroom with their students.
We have about 90,000 students participating online.
Website traffic continues to grow. We have seen an increase of both website visits and page views of between 30% and 35% over in the last year.
Total website visits from Chicago has more than doubled to 26,700 visits in the last year. Pages viewed per visit are up 52% to 4.5 pages per visit and the average time spent on the site from Chicago traffic is up 87% to over 5 minutes.

My husband, Dave, and I are 2014 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year. I am the Director of Development of an educationl nonprofit organization, the Wilderness Classroom. Each year the Wilderness Classroom conducts a series of online learning adventures, which allow students to interact with expedition members exploring remote locations around the world. The Wilderness Classroom has conducted a dozen previous online expeditions since its founding in 2001, gaining participation of over 2,200 teachers and 90,000 3rd to 8th grade students from around the world. Our mission is to educate third through eighth grade students about the plants, animals, and people of the wildest remaining places throughout the globe through an online curriculum, thereby empowering them to experience and protect wild waterways and wild lands.