Brendan Buzzard

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Conservation & Stewardship
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Writer and Conservationist

My primary interest is to understand, convey, and shape human belonging to the places we inhabit.  I think about place broadly.  It is ecological, certainly, but as a species moving through time it is also social and historical, rooted in the complexes of our being.  Place, as I am interested in it, is the very identity we inhabit, the convergence of our myths and memories, our skins and thoughts, the physical pulses of our body and those hidden in our minds, the feeling of the land beneath our feet. 

To this end, I use story-telling, exploration, and applied conservation to find common ground between different cultures and societies.  For my WildGift project, I am compiling a book based on my experience in Kenya and my effort to find ways for humans and other species to co-inhabit place.