Brooke Laura

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Basic Info
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Community Engagement/Activism
Current Occupation: 
Director of Saprinu
Wild Gift encourages me to dream big. They provide a partnership that supports me in transforming my vision into a reality. I am grateful to be a part of such an incredible team, and excited for the journey ahead.

Saprinu is a grassroots organization of socially- and environmentally-conscious individuals from Nepal and around the world. We are inspired by learning and self-discovery and believe that both are essential to creating a better world. By developing intimate partnerships with individuals and communities, we work together to cultivate nurturing environments that allow people to fully embrace exploration, discovery and creativity. Saprinu believes that every person possesses unique talents; our goal is to provide a platform that enables everyone to discover them. The world becomes a better place when everyone is able to discover their individual talents and pursue them fully. 

Saprinu is transforming communities in rural Nepal: creating a place where children have access to a meaningful education; a learning experience where every child has the opportunity to learn and discover new and exciting things; and provide a platform where students are encouraged to explore their talents and passions. Our schools are a place where teachers are excited to come and teach. We invest in and appreciate them and in turn they invest in making their schools the best possible place for students to grow. By placing learning at the heart of the community, we come together to create safe and healthy environments where we flourish together.

We bring life and learning into classrooms, create jobs where there were none, embrace knowledge from older generations and share with the young, explore our hopes and dreams and work together to turn them into a reality. Saprinu is committed to working tirelessly to build lasting partnerships, which will create a better place in which all of us can live.