Drew Sanderford

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Basic Info
Wild Gift Class Year: 
Better World Expertise: 
Affordable/Green Housing
Conservation & Stewardship
Public & Institutional Policy
Current Occupation: 
Assitant Professor of Real Estate and Planning
Without the discussion sessions that occurred in the Wild Gift classroom, I might have missed a number of important components of literature and scholarship that help to provide a foundation for my research and consulting.

Drew Sanderford is an Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture.  His research and teaching focuses on responsible property investment and development, innovation, and both housing and commercial real estate.

Previously, Drew was post-doctoral research fellow at the Virginia Center for Housing Research, a research center within the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech. 

Dr. Sanderford is also a junior member at Evergreen Advisors, LLC, a real estate development and investment firm in Sun Valley, Idaho.