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Environmental Education Specialist at Soldier Hollow Charter School
The Wild Gift inspired personal and professional growth and has positively influenced me and my students. Throughout the Wild Gift experience, I learned leadership skills that I have carried with me and built upon during subsequent life experiences. Wild Gift lifted me off the ground and gave me wings to start my flight towards my next leadership goal- an outdoor science school in the Uinta Mountains (the headwaters of the Provo River watershed) bringing watershed education to thousands of students each year.

As the environmental education specialist at Soldier Hollow Charter School in Utah, I called students to action in environmental stewardship and community service while implementing my Wild Gift project – Provo River Institute.  The Provo River watershed based program, which meets Utah State Core Curriculum Standards, currently serves 248 students in grades K-8.  My personal purpose is to create place-based watershed education to foster autonomous, life-long learning through environmental stewardship.  I hope to use the Provo River Institute model to spread educational reform to other locales. Wild Gift helped the Provo River Institute to partner with the UT Department of Natural Resources Jordanelle State Park to host the 1st annual Provo River Watershed Festival. The festival is now in it's fifth year and has attracted many other partners and collaborators. Soldier Hollow Charter School was recently awarded a National Blue Ribbon of Excellence by the US Department of Education. This is due in part to the place-based emphasis supported by the Wild Gift that has helped students to excel academically.