Laura Fieselman

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Basic Info
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Better World Expertise: 
Community Engagement/Activism
Conservation & Stewardship
Sustainable Food & Agriculture
Current Occupation: 
Chief Operating Officer, Good Bowls

Laura Fieselman is a social entrepreneur and educator. Fieselman co-founded Raleigh City Farm and served as the social enterprise’s founding president. She currently serves as COO at Good Bowls, a start-up frozen meal company with a social mission, and as board chair of Transplanting Traditions, a social venture serving refugee farmers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Fieselman holds a BA from McGill University in International Development Studies and an MA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in American Studies. She has worked in higher education for over a decade, establishing college sustainability offices and managing UNC’s social innovation incubator. Fieselman also lectures in Public Policy and American Studies on issues of environmental sustainability, food studies, non-profit management, and social venturing.

In her free time, Fieselman enjoys hiking, gardening, and sharing good food with friends and family in Durham, North Carolina.