Micah Sewell

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Basic Info
Wild Gift Class Year: 
Better World Expertise: 
Community Engagement/Activism
Conservation & Stewardship
Sustainable Food & Agriculture
Current Occupation: 
Marketing Coordinator at Ecology Project International

I'm an entrepreneur drawn to cultural fermentation - communities growing together and creating solutions to their problems.  While my Wild Gift project, Five Valleys Appleworks (FVA), - an attempt to reduce negative bear interactions and increase food security through fruit harvesting programs - has ended, my work with Ecology Project International has increased. As a non-profit dedicated to creating the next generation of conservation stewards, EPI has worked with over 20,000 students since 2000, bringing them to field sites to conduct citizen science and learn about keystone species along the way. In 2015, EPI was named to Outside's Best Places to Work list for the 4th year in a row, thanks to workplace practices that encourage employees to live healthy, balanced lives.