Spencer Brendel

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Community Engagement/Activism
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Founder of PlayHard GiveBack
Developing Athletes Beyond Sport

As a kid growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho I never let an opportunity to participate in athletics pass me by. Living in a mountain town gave me the chance to specialize in winter sports. Ice Skating was my first passion and provided the foundation for my current role as a co-captain on the University of St Thomas NCAA mens hockey team in Minnesota. My gravitation to team sports was largely influenced by my enjoyment of the fellowship, teamwork, and camaraderie a team provides. The opportunity to lead and motivate a group focused on a single goal and develop my leadership skills further are the reasons I continue to play college hockey.

Through athletics, I have learned what it means to push myself mentally and physically to the next level. Striving for personal improvement and inspiring others to do the same continues to direct my life.

Hockey also provided the chance for me to develop a strong interest and concern for underdeveloped areas of the world. This world view was first simulated when I had the opportunity to travel in Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Kenya. In addition, I had the opportunity to live and play hockey for one year in Tingsryd, Sweden.

My experiences visiting developing world countries have led me to make a difference. I now want to take the tools that I have learned through sports and positively influence the world. Athletes dedicate themselves mentally and physically, improving their team and their sport. Now I am working with athletes to not only PlayHard but also GiveBack, putting the same amount of dedication to helping implement change. Through micro-social enterprise my work with PlayHard GiveBack, will support and develop athletes beyond sports. Changing the world, for the better!

With the help of Wild Gift, PlayHard GiveBack will produce, develope and co-brand athlete related products, marketing them through PlayHard-GiveBack sponsored athletes while directing the profits to developing these athletes and their social causes. I am excited to be working with Wild Gift discovering the true values in life while transforming them into a Social Enterprise.